By Aye Eye Doc / February 8, 2018
Seven questions to ask cataract surgery

Seven questions to ask your cataract eye surgeon

one – will the cataract surgery be painful?

This article regarding Questions to ask your cataract eye surgeon is written for educational purposes. When my mom was considering her cataract procedure we came up with this list.

Cmon guys that is the big elephant in the room Everyone is scared of someone touching their eyes.Stories from friends saying their surgery was uncomfortable can dissuade you from enhancing your vision. GOOD NEWS – Our modern specialized drops instilled inside the eye at the beginning of the procedure

Two – are there options to use laser to do parts of the surgery?

Some surgeons may be experts in handling various lasers used in cataract procedures. Lensx, catalys and Lensar are most commonly used in Los Angeles area. Many eye surgeons may not have access to this technology.

Three – Is there advantage in spending the extra money to use the laser

This is a very personalized question. lasers are good but not beneficial for everyone. Infact for some they may do more harm than good. It is important to find a trustworthy doc who can guide.

Four – what kind of presbyopic implant would be suggested and what are the various options available?

You may want to read a good book on the subject. Ask the cataract doc or his/her staff to show you the models of the different presbyopic iol. Politely ask if they use all and if you could select the one you feel would work best for your lifestyle.

Questions to ask your cataract eye surgeon – Five Will fine-tuning be required in the future with the use of advanced presbyopic implants

This is your secret question to know if all the answers have been truthful. The ace in your sleeve. The answer should always be yes. If the answer is no either they are lying or not experienced.

Six will the adjustments or fine tunings be coverage be included in the original price?

That is the reason lot of sales counselors don’t talk about enhancements which would be required. They ne.ed to commit they are included. Or upfront they would need to disclose what they will charge for it. That my friends will reveal the true price

Seven who will do the follow up and post care management?

When you go tan attorney’s office you are billed different rates depending on the seniority of the attorney. Imagine paying high fees for the best and than being shunted to a junior attorney. Would you be happy. Dont allow this to happen in a physicians office either

Hope the aforementioned Questions to ask your cataract eye surgeon will be helpful to you, my dear reader.

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