By Aye Eye Doc / January 24, 2018
Truth about Lasik eye surgery revealed

Truth about Lasik eye surgery revealed

Everything has been a cover up, but now you can beyond the veil. We are on the path where Truth about Lasik eye surgery revealed.

For starters not all lasik eye surgery is same. They can vary on the technique preferred by the Lasik doctors. Another important component is the type of laser delivered to your eye. We need to explore if there are benefits to sophisticated computerized machines which communicate with lasers  directly.  Lets be a little maverick here.And look at the last fact first.

How does the laser know what it should treat? Or without having eyes and ears how does the laser see the cornea to reshape it. In older conventional lasers whatever the surgeon desired was inputted in to the laser. The optometrists or the surgeon calculated the numbers based on a phoropter, a hundred year old technology. Garbage in garbage out. The accuracy of treatment was high but the input was inaccurate. Some scientists from NASA felt that it would be wonderful if we could use artificial intelligence and give eyes to the laser. They were successful in their quest for perfection. We know have a beauty – idesign wavescan studio which can rap with an advanced laser. DID YOU SEE WE USED THE WORD RAP. Just trying to act young event though rap does not win any Grammys. Lets get back to the truth about lasik eye surgery revealed. Here RAP is an acronym fro Rapid Acquisition & Personalized. This machine is equipped with sensitive detectors and ultra fast computers. It sends an LED light into the eye and sees how the eye behaves with it. Based on the route taken by over a thousand simultaneous beams it can calculate the imperfections of the entire eye.

This information is transferred by an isolated flash drive. This drive is not allowed to come near any other computer lest it pick up a virus. The laser communicates with AI to this intermediary. It than sees the eyes. Laser confirms the info is for that unique eye. This avoids treating the incorrect eye or the incorrect patient. (Which by the way studies found to be commonest error in high volume centers). Oh we forgot to mention the name of this beautiful laser. It is iDesign wavescan Visx with Iris registration and active tracking. Yes that’s the truth. Geeks prefer complicated names.

If you entertain the idea of being a miser when it comes to lasik eye surgery remember the difference between this advanced laser and older conventional laser. State of the art lasers are 50 times costlier. 50 times more accurate.

The lasik surgeon has to be experienced to develop a superb technique. It is difficult for a lay person to evaluate this. But they can inquire about the success rate, the enhancement rate and most important how likely to see better than 20/20.

The above is  lot of info in short blog. Feel free to post your questions about truth of lasik surgery revealed.


Rajesh Khanna, MD

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