Crystalens Presbyopic Implant
By Aye Eye Doc / January 23, 2018

Move like Jagger – Crystalens PIE

Heard the song Move like Jagger. Well we have a PIE or presbyopic implant which does the same. It is also known as an accommodative lens insert as it tries to mimic the natural movements of the original lens. Here is a visual of the Intraocular lens. The brown wings are called the haptics. These wings help it stabilize in the capsular bag in the eye. The central round white or clear parts is the optic. This is where the light passes through to reach the macula of the eye.

How does crystals move – The secret revealed!

That is the million dollar question which troubled the competitors for a long time. The lay people wondered whether it was operated by a motor or nanobots. Some researchers thought it was being moved by eye muscles. All these theories have fallen by the wayside.

The reality is that the shape and design has a lot to do with its success. The junction of the optic na haptic of the crystals presbyopic implant is called the Hinge. The movement occurs at this fulcrum.

The crystals power is calculated and set for distance. When a crystals presbyopic implant recipient want s to see near the internal muscles of the eye contract. This contracts the jelly behind the lens. The forces generated push the optic forward. This yields an additional power to the lens ranging form 1 to 3 diopters .

Crystalens is the lens of choice after Radial Keratotomy

People who have had RK in the past and want to avoid glasses have hope. Even if they have cataracts. The Cataracts can be removed. Crystalens can be inserted. With both eyes being employed they can get liberated from their glasses.

Crystalens Treats Astigmatism too

Yes, a model of the crystalens PIE called Trulign has built in astigmatism treatment capabilities.

It needs to be aligned along the corneal astigmatism. Careful surgery precludes the rotation of the implant.


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