Laser Cataract Surgery – Pros and Cons

By Aye Eye Doc / February 11, 2018
Laser Cataract Surgery - Pros and Cons

The Eagles won the Superbowl so lets talk about Laser cataract surgery pros and cons many of you would have read in a previous articles about the new advent in scientific community lasers to be used specifically for cataract eye surgery.
Since many years we have been performing laser cataract surgery. Studies have been done to see the benefits and uncover some disadvantages.

Let’s just recap what is catarect surgery and what does laser cataract surgery mean and also how is it different from laser used in Lasic eye surgery
First one up is Lasic eye surgery – these lasers are known as excimer lasers because they’re based on the concept of excited dimers. Lasers became rail useful in cataract surgery with the development of femtosecond lasers. These lasers are faster and work little differently than the lasers for Lasik.  The difference is in the Lasik lasers the tissue is evaporated and it has a different wavelength so it can focus on the cornea.  The cataract femtosecond lasers have focusing power  at varying depths of the lens. It also generates gas bubbles because the tissue is blown up in micro pulses

Secrets about Laser Cataract Surgery – Pros and Cons

Let’s look at some of the advantages of laser cataract surgery. have you heard the term laser precision. Lazer precision has become popular for a reason. Lazar are more precise than any other invention. They may even be more precise than even the skilled surgeon who’s been operating for 25 years. Currently the laser cataract surgery constitutes making an opening in the lanes and chopping up the cataractous lens to small pieces. Cataract lasers can also correct astigmatism and some surgeons even use it to make the opening in cornea termed cornea incisions The openings in the lens of very precise and termed  capsulorhexis is used. Lasers makes a perfect shape desired mostly people like the circular shape and what is interesting the shape can be centered on the pupil plane or the lens plane. So this gives a lot of video ability when we are deciding how to center the lens finally The lens cuts can be made under the opening and even beyond the opening the depth of the cuts but the number for curs the shape of the cuts are all be pre-determined and seen on the computer before employing them. Same thing applies for the cornmeal incisions. We can have one to different axes different optical zoned

friend Lynn gets lot of control the surgeon and did we mention quick all this can occur within two minutes so when you’re looking at stability is and especially in patients who are nervous or whoever previous trauma with a little movement can be problematic the laser holds the iron place I am in let me correct that a patient interface device holds the iron place was the leader Lisa delivers the treatment so we can illuminate I moments while this precision work is being employed now what are the cons why would somebody say hey it’s not worth doing laser remember the point we were making about the micro pulses so what we have found is when the laser is used the The cortical fibers are the contents of the lens get heated up and plastered to the outer skin of the lens of the capsule this becomes relatively difficult to remove when we are removing the last of the fibers another con has been shown by studies out of Europe which I’ve been very extensive showing that can be increased inflammation when lasers are used and finally like in any computer LaserScan stop half into the treatment especially if the patient suddenly moves when experienced surgeon is doing there expecting moments and a rebuttal to account and adjust for that but as of yet the lasers I’m not able to do that as they’re working on static guys only so the best way to see 50 you got a good candidate for laser cataract surgery or non-is to have a open discussion relative do your eyes it’s a good investment if it’s needed but it’s of expendable luxury if not only if it’s not needed but if it’s not going to do any good and make awesome this advantages

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